Textile industry how to choose good oil-free air compressor?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Textile industry demand for compressed air beyond the oil content in the air, and water and impurities. Only these three, the oil is difficult to completely filter, so the use of gas quality how can say that determines the level of a textile enterprise. So want to buy textile industry supporting the oil free air compressor machine how to choose the right?

textile industry supporting the oil free compressor

oil free air compressor in the textile industry for gas supply equipment, generally applied to the air jet loom, air coated wire machine, draw texturing machine, etc. , as stated above water and particles can through post-processing equipment to remove these, without oil, is in the process of compressed air through the air compressor, air does not contact with lubricating oil. The process of textile industry, different processes used by the oil free air compressor model is different, it can find the right factory, for your specific process selecting suitable air compressor and post-processing, this is more easily than guaranteed select textile industry supporting oil free air compressor.

to choose good textile industry supporting oil-free air compressor, to find suitable factory, rich experience, such as GeLinKeEr manufacturer has 23 years of industry experience, more than 10 engineers, can provide free suitable air compressor matching scheme including installation plan, but worry and ease. There is demand please call GeLinKeEr details consultation, telephone.
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