The advantage of permanent magnet compressor

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Energy saving is the themes of The Times, whether to choose what kind of products, will be energy saving as a reference value. Permanent magnet compressor air compressor into a new era of energy saving, energy saving effect is currently all the air compressor is relatively good product. Now for you to introduce the advantages of permanent magnet compressor. 1, low operating noise: permanent magnet compressor, compared with the ordinary air compressor noise is much lower. Permanent magnet compressor is mostly to work in the case of lower than the rated speed, so it is the host machine will drop a lot on the noise and wear, and because of its low noise, so to some extent, prolong the service life of the permanent magnet compressor. 2, low maintenance cost: permanent magnet compressor compared with the ordinary air compressor, its maintenance is much trouble relative. Although any type of compressor are professionals in accordance with the regulations on the maintenance of order for repair and maintenance, but permanent magnet compressor for use with a high efficiency and energy saving control system, not only to the power grid and mechanical impact is small, also prolong the service life of parts to use, so all permanent magnet compressor in the compressor inside its maintenance cost is relatively low. 3, reduce the production cost: because permanent magnet compressor using the efficiency of the control system of intelligent degree is high, so the permanent magnet compressor can monitor at the same time more than 20 parameters, current, voltage, etc. In other words, the permanent magnet compressor can reduce their downtime, lower for the loss of production, can also make the air system is more stable and reliable. 4, reduce the cost of factory grid use: although when permanent magnet compressor using star triangle startup starting current is opposite bigger, but the network capacity is limited after all of the factory, so will cause upstream of the air switch trip, so as to make the high efficiency and energy saving control system can save the cost of the power grid factory. GeLinKeEr as its brand of air compressor, in recent years is also committed to promote energy saving, high efficiency of the permanent magnet frequency conversion machine, single permanent magnet frequency is not less than three series, a new oil cooled permanent magnet compressor is IE4 super efficient motors, high protection grade and group designed for machine research and development of the nose with frequency converter, once launched, are in the market for the masses of users praise. The good life, to create together!
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