The air compressor maintenance of haze weather

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Smog has become a hot public topic, people talk about the fog haze as fearsome. Fog had a great influence on people's health, it have any damage for air compressor chance? Today we are going to conduct a analysis. If air compressor inlet filtration equipment, suspended particles in the air will directly lead to the deterioration of mass air, particles could be mixed and compressor lubricants, increase the load of the oil filter, shorten the oil life spans. For centrifugal or oil free compressor, the particles will be attached on the rotor, the influence of impeller rotor dynamic balance, causing oscillation value is high, the surge, etc. React with machine internal appearance on the other hand, cause the damage of rotor, bearing and seal etc. Piled up with rotor looks cloudy, is bound to affect the compressor aerodynamic function, machine function will also drops. Of course, this time, the air compressor air compressor air filter is required to as a 'mask' against outside haze. Air compressor air filters filter material often choose wood pulp filter paper manufacturing, leading to filter are suspended in the ambient air impurities such as dust, sand, water, oil mist. From the parameters of the air compressor air filter can see, the air compressor air filter can block the PM10 particles, can block most PM2. 5 particles. The air compressor air filter under the condition of normal operation, excessive PM2. 5 particle will accelerate port area decreases, and increase the load filters, the filters days be shorten greatly. After using an air pollution not only can the air compressor in the body parts, product form and the surrounding environment and the serious influence, will also lead to yield loss, quality problems and high maintenance cost, etc. So to further purification treatment of compressed air to produce demands is essential, the need for a reliable air compressor equipment, efficient air compressor air filter, air compressor oil filter, oil and gas separator, it can save energy and production costs for the enterprise. For screw air compressor, air compressor air filter which is one of the primary effect of various kinds of air a temporary suspension of solid particles, impurities, dust, water, oil, bacteria etc. All filters, such not only can provide a good environment for air compressor, and in the industrial production is an essential device in the dust-free workshop. In the modern industrial output, the use of compressed air is more and more widely, and the use of power, compressed air quality of the finished product, the automation of production operation and operation reliability, demand is also rising. Because the air compressor discharge of compressed air contains a lot of water vapor, oil, steam and dust and other impurities mixed, if send these impurities of compressed air directly to use compressed air equipment, will give the air compressor of the whole system under adverse consequences: 1, high pressure oil pipe steam gathered in the system, constitute a flammable mixture, and even is blasting. Oil by high temperature after vaporization together constitute a kind of organic acid, the effect of corrosion on the metal equipment. 2, because the mixture of water, oil, dust deposition in the pipe, the pipe flow area reduced, increasing the flow resistance. Serious when pipeline clogging, cause the system operation is not stable. 3, during the cold season, after the condensation of water vapor can make auxiliary pipes and parts damaged by freezing. 4, dust and other impurity in the compressed air for parts with relative motion polishing effect, wear serious, will cause leakage, and affect precision and service life of equipment, etc. 5, used in paint, chemical, food, or compressed air precision parts processing, and other purposes, such as containing water, oil and impurities, can make the product formation pollution, make the product quality to drop, severe cases may even make products to be invalid. As the deterioration of air quality, this kind of super load in the short term will not render better, and is likely to continue for a long time. GeLinKeEr as its famous air compressor brand, always pay attention to every detail, to provide customers with perfect after-sales service guarantee, positive for the customer to confirm the usage of machine, to provide maintenance, obtained the general customers the high praise in recent years. The good life, to create together!
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