The air compressor temper you through

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
As the country's emphasis on industrial level gradually increased, the industrial development in the development of the economy as a whole share is becoming more and more big, industrial production has greatly increased the application of pneumatic energy, air compressor as an important part of the pneumatic energy, share in the industrial production is becoming more and more big, more and more enterprises begin to use air compressor factory provides environmental clean driving force for the whole plant. The use of air compressor should pay attention to what issues?

first of all, the air compressor is short for air compressor, its working principle is very simple, the air from the air inlet into the machine, within the host through the mechanical compression, to increase the pressure, air pressure to the expected after the shrinkage air stored in the storage tanks for the subsequent production for energy security. Air compressor is usually placed in the workshop, workshop for ventilation, radiator, extreme weather conditions in the summer, the temperature of the workshop had better not more than 50 degrees Celsius, high temperature can cause machine down, accelerated aging reduce the service life of air compressor. Air compressor in use process need to regularly or irregularly maintenance maintenance, usually a new air compressor chance been 500 hours before the period of the machine, after the period: the first is protected.

please shut down the entire air compressor system before maintenance, mainly change the content of the air filter, oil filter, oil, dust-proof net etc, and then continue to use 2000 hours or so will the next maintenance, maintenance of the content is mainly check the internal operation of the machine, if there is any oil leakage, maintenance check for aging or loose components, cleaning filters, check for barrels of oil and gas and oil change. Clean the machine shell, replace the dust-proof net, belt, etc. Want to use air compressor well maintenance and maintenance is an important link in cannot be omitted. Because air compressor also has a temper, not good maintenance will be a problem.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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