The application of GeLinKeEr air compressor in the building materials industry

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
GeLinKeEr air compressor in the building materials industry application case very much, nearly GeLinKeEr Zui air compressor by jiangsu a group selected, enter the group more than 30 branch companies nationwide.

the group is a financial, hotel, building materials, powder and so on integration of large enterprises, established in xiamen early pujiang town, grow continuously in the decades of development, the business scope to expand in the country. At the beginning of the jiangsu factory established in 2016, GeLinKeEr sales staff is to understand the demand of the white shark group, at the time the company has been using atlas's brand of the machine. Aiming at this situation, GeLinKeEr sales manager meng understand customer before use, the frequency of use, and aiming at the particularity of building materials industry, after get customer feedback, understand the customer on the machine before use is not very satisfied, malfunctions.

the group change the brand, is a very rare opportunity for GeLinKeEr, technical personnel understanding customer on-site process, environment, etc. , according to the customer's usage environment recommended for high building materials industry dust and other special customized models, due to the scene of the cement, sand and other dirt very much, if you use ordinary screw air compressor, air filter is very easy to dirty. Lubrication oil and short life at the same time, lead to host jammed probability is very big, in view of the failure prone, GeLinKeEr recommend prefiltering device technology. The front filter is composed of many specifications of air filter equipment alone. Installed in the compressor inlet side of the side. Ensure the suction compression cavity compressed air clean, no dust and so on. Greatly prolong the service life of air compressor.

when the equipment after head GeLinKeEr gives the solutions to the customers, got very sure. After the two sides of communication, immediately purchase GeLinKeEr DRC - 50 a 3 sets of air compressor in jiangsu base use. After six months of use, the machine filter, lubricating oil is very clean. Guarantee the life of the equipment, greatly reduce the failure rate.

GeLinKeEr air compressor, energy conservation and endless! GeLinKeEr screw air compressor energy saving for all customers to provide cost-effective superior solution, treasure every once electricity customers, help customers to save every penny! Welcome consulting GeLinKeEr, 400, 900, 8509.

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