The benefit from the air compressor linkage control

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor linkage control is one of the way of energy saving renovation of air compressor, the advantage is to eliminate air compressor idling, today science for everyone the benefits of some air compressor linkage control, for your reference. 1, reduce human costs the user in advance on the centralized controller system for air compressor set running order ( Ceiling 16 operation order, Numbers for 1-16) , the control system will switch conditions according to the predetermined order. 2, fault handling concentrated controller detects air compressor fault, machine, will automatically retrieve the current running order, use the most near the spare air compressor. Air compressor comprehensive alarm and fault state of real-time response to touch the monitoring interface. 3, a 80% reduction in empty loading rate on the centralized controller of touch screen, the user can set pressure range concentrated controller enables the system pressure control in a set area. Below the lower limit, the goal setting will allow to improve the speed and output frequency conversion air compressor compressed air 4, accurate target pressure chart and data, the operation sequence Settings; System mother tube pressure display; Air compressor running/fault status display; Air compressor of the loading/unloading status display; Air compressor exhaust temperature, exhaust pressure display; Have data to show that air compressor linkage control can effectively prevent light, and light will waste as much as 45% of their power, therefore, install electricity benefits of linkage control is obvious. Here, in response to the national policy of energy conservation and emissions reduction, linkage control of many sets of air compressor energy-saving reform is imperative.
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