The cause of fever and treatment methods

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
As an important component in the motor bearing, in the whole air compressor occupy a pivotal position, internal system for bearing is the usual problems of high temperature bearing heating, now to introduce you to some cause of fever and preliminary processing method. 1, the motor on time is too long, lubricating grease metamorphism, harden; A new lubricating grease should be replaced. 2, lubricating oil in bearing chamber add too much or too little, should add a third - bearing chamber volume Two-thirds of between; And according to the motor specifications require quantitative type with the brand of lubricating oil on a regular basis. 3, with impurities in bearing chamber, with kerosene cleaning bearing and replace the new lubricating oil. 4, bearing excessive wear or inner ring and outer ring is broken, and should be replaced new bearing the same model. 5, vibration motor, coupling, improper installation, belt is too tight and shaft bending, will cause bearing heating; Ruled out as the case may be. 6, with shoulder joint bearing, open bearing cover, hold onto the bearing inner ring with copper rod into use hammer symmetry. In July and end cover or poor bearing cover assembly, should reassemble, make on both ends of the cover and base cooperate good seam allowance, and diagonal tighten the bolt of the bearing cover. 8, rolling bearing performance depends not only on the manufacturing precision of the bearing itself, but also of the shaft and hole and cooperate with its dimensional accuracy and shape tolerance and surface roughness, with the selection and installation are correct or not. If the bearing inner ring and the shaft with a tight, or bearing outer ring and bearing interior hole with tight, namely negative allowance is too big, after assembly will make bearing gap is too small, sometimes even close to zero. This bearing rotation is not flexible, will be in the operation of the fever, even burning bearing; But if the bearing inner ring and the shaft with too loose, or bearing outer ring and cooperate too loose end cover, then at runtime, the bearing inner ring and the shaft, or bearing outer ring and end cover, relative movement occurs, the friction heat, caused by bearing overheating. Roller bearing inner ring with appropriate interference fit between shaft and bearing outer ring and of the end cover with general use excessive cooperate, they fit tolerance of specific reference manual or instruction.
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