The cause of the high temperature air compressor

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
With the approaching of the summer heat, users often by air compressor high temperature problem, then what caused the air compressor to produce high temperature alarm? High temperature machine and how to solve, now to introduce you to some may cause mechanical failure of high temperature air compressor and air compressor oil. 1 a, mechanical failure reasons. The stop valve fault oil stop valve ( Also known as oil cut-off valve) Work is not normal, rapid warming in the host for lack of oil, burning caused serious machine parts. 2. Compressor oil filter failure affect compressor oil supply, lead to equipment lubrication is the cause of high temperature; Hindered the normal cycle of compressor oil, the impact of compressor cooling, caused by high temperature. 3. Thermal control valve ( Temperature control valve) Work failure of thermal control valve installed on the oil cooler in front, its role is to maintain the nose exhaust temperature above the dew point pressure. If the thermal control valve fails, the lubricating oil may not be the cooler directly into the nose, and the oil temperature cannot drop, due to overtemperature. 4. Abnormal compressor oil volume regulator of the role of the regulator is to control the compressor oil fuel injection quantity, such as fuel injection quantity too little, high temperature will therefore compressor, at this time should be appropriately increase the fuel injection quantity. But it is important to note that the fuel regulator in equipment factory has finished the calibration, so do not recommend the use of enterprise to adjust, should negotiate with equipment vendors or adjusted by professional maintenance personnel. 5. Abnormal compressor oil cooler this fault found in water-cooled air compressor, check the cooler temperature difference of import and export, such as the temperature difference is less than 5 ℃, cooler heat exchange effect will sell at a discount greatly. Causes of the blockage of cooler, or scaling, at this point, to wash down a cooler. For air compressor, air cooled, more need to pay attention to the environment temperature is too high, and the existence of abnormal working cooling fan. 6. Air compressor air compressor fault nose nose abnormal wear and tear, and cause the heat production increase, due to high temperature. This failure is common for two reasons: one is the air compressor oil lubrication, the second is the nose itself. Solution for replace qualified air compressor oil, or replace the air compressor head. 7. Air filter fault air filter blockage, gas production is too small, cause air compressor load increase, make the air compressor in a loading state for a long time, heat production increase, caused by high temperature. At this point need to replace the air filter. 8. Oil and gas separator fault oil and gas separator blockage inside the air compressor pressure is too high, leading to a high temperature. The causes of the failure are two: one is the oil-water separator itself quality or life problems; Secondly, the air compressor oil quality closes nevertheless, with the air separation ability is poor. At this time should replace the oil and gas separator or air compressor oil. 9. Temperature sensor and computer fault, abnormal readings. Second, the influence of the air compressor oil. Air compressor oil is enough in the process of air compressor to run, if the oil level is lower than the low oil level of the air compressor oil, is the air compressor oil is enough. Air compressor oil quantity is not enough, make the heat dissipation, leading to high temperature compressor, at this time should immediately stop for gas. 2. Air compressor oil metamorphism compressor oil because of its own quality problems or over time and the oxidation and deterioration in oil liquid, the heat exchange ability to drop, resulting in the heat of air compressor head cannot be completely, timely taken away, at this time should immediately stop an oil change. 3. Air compressor oil viscosity chose not to its low pressure oil viscosity, poor lubrication, caused the abnormal wear and tear, heat production too much; The oil viscosity is too large, liquidity, making timely heat cannot be distributed out, it can cause air compressor high temperature. So the user when the compressor maintenance, need to refer to the actual working condition of the compressor of the service manual and user select the appropriate level of viscosity. 4. The quality of the air compressor oil not pass mainly include the following: a. Air compressor oil thermal oxidation performance is poor, in use process produce the deposits, such as clay, paint film has affected the oil liquid, at the same time, make the oil lubrication performance; b。 The viscosity of air compressor oil temperature performance is poorer, low temperature fluidity is insufficient, high temperature lubricity is poorer; c。 Air compressor oil air separation ability is bad, affect the oil and gas separation, etc. To introduce you to some of the above may be the cause of high temperature air compressor, for your reference, hope to provide help for the masses of users.
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