The cause of the screw air compressor shut down

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Many customers often call air compressor factory don't know how to shut down your machine, now, to elaborate for you may result in screw air compressor shut down a few big reason. 1 outage time and space to injection compressor inlet air compressor machine suddenly stop and failed to timely open the exhaust valve to discharge waste gas, air intake to spray cooling oil, at this time should first check whether the inlet valve is defective, can not normally closed, the second check oil cut-off solenoid valves for XXX, if it is normal, should be further examination can check valve on the main exhaust pipe in a timely manner whether closed or shut down completely, such as defective should be ruled out. 2 in the operation of the machine in the operation of the automatic stop the machine in automatic trip down for two reasons: one is the power factor of the grid. Because of the machine itself with undervoltage protector, fault fault phase protector, high voltage protector and other protection device. When the grid voltage is less than the rated voltage ( 380V) About 90%, or an incorrect power phase sequence and the three-phase power supply lacks, automatically tripping outage; Second, the exhaust temperature is too high. May be a lack of lubricating oil, cooler is blocked, or fault can't normal temperature control valve action and so on. 3 screw air compressor exhaust pressure too low first check whether the inlet valve is opened entirely, the current is within the normal range. And then check whether there is external gas increases, or whether there is a leak. 4 a higher temperature is the most common type of screw air compressor fault, here for detailed instructions. A cap screw air compressor exhaust temperature is 120 degrees Celsius. 110 degrees is the temperature warning lights start flashing alarm, more than 120 degrees will automatically stop. GeLinKeEr as its famous air compressor brand, always pay attention to every detail, to provide customers with perfect after-sales service guarantee, also with high quality/low failure rate obtained in recent years on the market the majority of users praise. The good life, to create together!
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