The choice of permanent magnet frequency changer how to do?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Why need to apply to the permanent magnet frequency? Because common inverter power degree is higher, to run of 8000 hours a year of routine use of time is limited, usually 55 kw compared with the power of the permanent magnet frequency converter screw machine, a year if you can save more than ten, then to prove that this is a in terms of energy saving up to the qualified line of permanent magnetic products. In addition to this, here to discuss the selection of the permanent magnet machine again, need to focus on the performance of the parameter.

the second permanent magnet machine and ordinary screw machine with the different degree of pressure loss, save the amount of have a little division. To a certain brand of a 37 kw screw machine, to seventy percent in loading time, thirty percent time unloading time, 6000 hours a year total hours used to calculate, and compared to ordinary screw machine, permanent magnet machine can save 2 kg of differential pressure loss, according to pressure every 1 bar of electricity consumption by seven points to calculate, both the differential degree of electricity consumed is 14 points. This is a very intuitive power, than it is clear to all.

and it is easy to ignore one of the key parameters & ndash; — Permanent magnet motor on high temperature resistant grades, the parameters about broad, and for some industries work efficiency is more obvious. In aerospace applications, for example, the author as a space application engineer, who witness domestic independent brands GeLinKeEr high-temperature motor used in a country of permanent magnet machine.

according to the different levels of heat-resistant, permanent magnet machine under high temperature from 80 degrees, in order to 150 degrees. Users can according to the high temperature parameters of the specific way to distinguish between a permanent magnet machine of high temperature resistant ability. H represents the can withstand the high temperature of 180 degrees. Generally speaking, the higher the better, high temperature resistance of the motor starting from H, recommend a demand, can choose.

about permanent magnet machine brand, due to the large and small on the market is more, not discussed one by one, suggest conditions allow, users still choose large air compressor brand as well.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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