The daily maintenance of compressor

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Any equipment in the process of the use of long is a need to constantly have to maintenance and maintenance, the compressor is no exception. Through the daily maintenance, can not only extend the whole life of equipment, more can effectively prevent the generation of equipment failure.

the daily maintenance of compressor first need to do two, namely the institutionalization and standardization. Regular maintenance work must be strictly implemented, make the work quota and the material consumption quota, and the inspection check. Perform maintenance work, should not only rely on artificial observation, when necessary, also need with the tools of the instrument, so as to achieve the better effect of compressor maintenance.

compressor maintenance work is not complicated to say, mainly divided into wipes, cleaning, lubrication, adjustment of this four parts. First need to wipe of the compressor, to ensure that the equipment inside and outside clean, no pollution. Clean the second need to goods, put sundry tools neatly. Then the lubrication work, through regular inspection, gas, oil change in time, ensure the oil, oil pressure in the normal range. Zui is adjusted after work and ensure the equipment to observe the safety operating rules, observe whether safety protection device is complete, timely exception to eliminate hidden dangers.

daily maintenance for the compressor is a Zui basic work, but also a Zui important work, ignore the importance of maintenance was buried under a time-bomb, the consequences could be catastrophic. Compressor maintenance work well and will find and eliminate small problem in his brother, in order to avoid unnecessary major damage.

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