The dangers of excessive air compressor vibration

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor in operation, the vibration is inevitable, especially the simple structure of air compressor, the huge vibration during operation. Air compressor vibration is too large to be sure it is not a good thing, then the concrete will have what harm? 1, noise hazards. The vibration of the air compressor can produce noise, vibration, noise, the greater the working conditions, environmental degradation, staff if long-term work under noisy environment, will cause serious damage to their health. 2, instrument, valves and other accessories are generally installed on the air compressor machine, if the vibration is too big, can make the instrument malfunction, or damage; In addition, the vibration is too large, it can make the pipe cracking, flange, such as valve connection to loosen. 3, air compressor is usually placed in a flat on the ground, if the vibration is too large, will accelerate and contact area of wear and tear; 4, in addition, the vibration is too large will affect the normal and the stable operation of air compressor, shorten its service life. Some users to buy air compressor machine, in order to save costs, reduce costs, choose cheap price, simple structure of the air compressor, vibration at work. Vibration will cause certain harm to air compressor, serious when can also affect the performance of the machine, so please don't ignore the vibration of air compressor.
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