The dangers of GeLinKeEr compressors are used

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
In general, users ask more are the problems of air compressor machine, few people asked about the problem of air compressor parts, but that doesn't mean that these are not important. The GeLinKeEr compressor
extended use what harm?

GeLinKeEr compressor are the dangers of using the

GeLinKeEr compressor are the dangers of using mainly include the following:

1, the insufficient displacement, and affect production.

2, filter pressure resistance is too large, load was big, host life;

3 unit, the actual compression ratio was large, the host load was big, host life;

4, filter damaged lead to foreign body into the host, and even the host, holding in death of scrap happens to

5, filter installed, should check and tighten all connection parts before use.

the above is the harm of GeLinKeEr compressors are used, if not timely replacement, air compressor will be affected by a certain, so the air compressor should pay attention to those users.
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