The effect of compressor lubricants and use

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Lubricating oil plays an important role in the compressor, the compressor lubricants in addition to reducing friction lubrication effect, are there any other unknown secret? Compressor lubricants in use need to pay attention to what? Next we'll reveal one by one.

compressor lubricants in addition to the surface lubrication, there are many important role, not only can effectively avoid metal oxide, antirust effect; Can also carry the machine internal impurities, through filter, cleaning effect; When the friction heat can also through the lubricating oil cooling, cooling effect; And also can effectively absorb the noise, reduce vibration, the compressor running more stable.

in the compressor lubricating oil use, need to pay attention to the compressor speed, high speed will accelerate the oxidation of lubricating oil, affect the service life of the lubricating oil. Replace lubricating oil regularly, sampling analysis of lubricating oil regularly, according to the results to decide whether to need to change new oil, replacing oil, do need the old oil row, the new oil mixed together into the old oil will accelerate to shorten the service life of the new oil.

compressor lubricant mainly comes from the oil and synthetic oil, understand the role of lubricating oil in advance and matters need to pay attention to in use, the effect of the lubricating oil play better.

the article source: GeLinKeEr compressor
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