The environment is very important to the service life of air compressor host

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Some customers buy the air compressor unit in general tend to focus on the price, don't look at quality of machine, so long as can.

a few days ago, the old customer has just bought a domestic air compressor. But to run for a few months didn't came to the host sound. GeLinKeEr after-sales service engineers on-site inspection, found the customer machine bad surroundings, ventilation in poor environment. This is an enterprise of producing cement mixing, dust is too much, when customers consider saving money, bought a domestic air compressor.

in the customer site, GeLinKeEr service engineer to check the machine has just done for the first time maintenance. But the air filter element of the machine has serious congestion, lead to insufficient air inflow, dust into the host, the host of the rotor wear of Yin and Yang, the lubricating oil thickens, black. Form the host screaming voice, serious word can make the host killed. This is a dirty environment and cause serious consequences. But the customer was very reluctantly said I environment is very good. But don't know he is too casual for machine referred to in the environment. When installing machine customers in order to save time, installed directly on the edge of the raw materials. And the consequences of his, has led to the host of the machine must be replaced.

GeLinKeEr company. our country 3 packets of principle, the host machine during the warranty period free replacement for the customer. Also the environment dirty and messy, poor. The shorter service life of the machine, can cause secondary change the consequences of the host is explained with the client. Customers also attaches great importance to the seriousness of the problem, at that time to consult GeLinKeEr technicians can have a solution. In understanding the customer's actual situation, recommending a new GeLinKeEr company development on environmental problems and the development of overloading nano air filter, which can effectively solve the problem.

in the end, the customer is very worried of hope engineers to help get rid of this problem as soon as possible, lest affect production.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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