The fall of 2018 to expand GeLinKeEr xiamen compressor co. , LTD

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Company host a season of every year to expand, for many years, has always insisted on. Grasps to relax yourself, close the distance between the employees, work more harmonious get along, mutual cooperation, the purpose of more efficient work, we came to the beautiful tianmu lake scenic spot this year.

GeLinKeEr air compressor tourism enterprises and expand is different from general company, GeLinKeEr is accompanied by some professional field developing the company's organization, let them out of a detailed planning scheme, let the professional people with the help of our outdoor activities, we haven't experienced the pleasure of experience.

the field training has a special place, is actively involved in the jump in, can go to find some you in the usual work, life and study there has been a problem. If we found in the usual life work and study these problems, we can know where little detours, without wasting time, do not waste resources. This is the field of training a very meaningful place, which is why GeLinKeEr over the years has always insisted on in this way for tourism employees.

the whole develop tourism a total of 11 projects ( Contains the evening buffet barbecue, staff birthday, bonfire party) After, due to the company's rules, to participate in these projects can't mention or disclose the project experience, this is a protective mechanism. The whole field development project has a relaxing, preheating, personal test type, team cooperation. To release process of the self, let a person meditation, meditation let people think, also let a person anxious anger plot.

in general, the outdoor learning harvest very rich also, let me see my own shortcomings, let me to see your habitual way of thinking, too. GeLinKeEr people, however, no matter to which place, always like a sun, illuminate the surrounding, keep this GeLinKeEr people of that kind of passion, the open stance.

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