The importance of air compressor maintenance

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Many users may be wondering, why have on time to improve the maintenance of air compressor, the machine will appear all sorts of small problems at ordinary times, air filter blockage, the temperature is too high, now to investigate what caused these problems. Injection screw air compressor in the correct use and maintenance, is to ensure that the premise of the unit safe and smooth running. Often occurs in the use of screw air compressor inlet air filter plug, oil filter clogging alarm, high exhaust temperature, discharge with oil many faults in the air. The cause of accident is generally the native valve limiter for cast iron parts, valve by repeated maintenance, installation a few tiny cracks to appear on the air valve limiter. Because of air suction valve by frequent shock pulses, limiter crack expands gradually, finally cause the limiter and center screw slippage and into the cylinder, causing cylinder accident. Oil and gas separator blockage; Oil cooler blocked; The oil temperature is high. The core to replace oil and gas separator; Replace or clean up the oil cooler core and oil; Change the lubricating oil. Compared with abroad, our country in high pressure gas injection flooding technology research started late, development is slow; Natural resources is not fully development and utilization; High pressure gas injection development experience very low permeability oil reservoirs, gas injection technology don't match, can't satisfy the requirements of the oil field high pressure gas injection technology. Due to few field gas injection flooding project, so can't effectively drive gas compressor manufacturing, gas production and recycling industries such as technology development. Regular cleaning the cylinder water jacket and a cooler, get rid of sticky mud, scale, to ensure that the cooling effect. Increase the water supply. If find out air compressor high temperature is caused by the insufficient water supply, the appropriate increase of cooling water, in order to reduce the outlet temperature and the corresponding cylinder cavity temperature. Reduce the temperature of the circulating water. Above is the problem about air compressor, daily maintenance method, for everybody reference.
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