The influence of air temperature on the air compressor

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
As is known to all, the influence of temperature on the normal operation of air compressor is very big. Many air compressor fault are caused by high temperature. So, air temperature, can cause what effect to the air compressor? Air humidity is changed according to the state of air in the air is compressed, its temperature rising, the relative humidity is lower. When compressed air, the air temperature drops, the relative humidity increases, and often there will be water from precipitation. 1. Moisture in the air can make the compressed air channel narrow, increases the resistance of the air flow; 2. Will influence the volumetric efficiency of the gas; 3. Against unit is compressed, make hydraulic shock compression equipment, if the cooler with the cylinder storage with plenty of water, also can cause the unit damage accidents; 4. Moisture in the air has a great deal of corrosion resistance, easy to cause compression equipment and pneumatic machine is easy to rust, shorten the use fixed number of year; 5. In the gas water mixed with oil, and in the process of compression can reduce lubrication performance, increase the gear abrasion, not only can lead to bad sealing, but also can accelerate the deterioration of lubricating oil; 6. Air supply system with water, when the temperature is lower than 0 ℃, water on the inner wall of the duct will freeze. Similarly, shrink diameter, more bad is sometimes even create individual piping completely frozen, hinder the individual areas of work. Therefore, the quality of the compressed air depends not only on its pressure, at the same time, it is determined by its humidity. That is about the effects of air temperature of air compressor, for your reference. In order to avoid losses in production, the customers should be to the scene of the machine work pay enough attention to the environment temperature.
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