The influence of the air high moisture content of air compressor

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Users in general, the air compressor into the air moisture content the indicators are concerned with compressed air, the water content of the finished product working environment of air moisture content may not get enough attention, in fact, air moisture content on the machine can produce very big effect, moisture content is too high will produce harm is as follows: 1, the volumetric efficiency of the air; 2, air moisture air compression narrow pathways, thus increasing the air flow resistance; 3, wet air, less than the same volume of weight of dry air. When the compressed air after cooler air tank and piping most of the water vapor is frozen, so the weight calculation of production capacity will drop; 4, the moisture in the air because of containing metal ions, such as ion of Yin and Yang, has higher corrosion resistance, the air compressor of spare parts and pneumatic machine is easy to rust, shorten its service life; 5, the moisture in the air in the compression process after mixed with oil, reduce lubrication efficiency, increase the parts ( Such as rotor) Wear and tear, not only in the glue with circulation lubrication packing can lead to bad sealing, and makes lubricating oil metamorphism; 6, go against machine is compressed, the air compressor in the part of the spare parts and pneumatic mechanical suffered from the impact of water, if the cylinder and the excessive water cooler storage, also can cause the damage of the spare parts of air compressor; 7, air supply system with water, if the temperature below zero degrees centigrade, water will freeze in the duct wall, in the same way, make narrow diameter. Worse, sometimes even cause individual piping completely frozen, hinder the individual section of the work. Therefore, the quality of the compressed air is not only determined by its pressure, at the same time, it is determined by its humidity. That is some air high water content will influence on the air compressor, for your reference.
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