The integration of air compressor GeLinKeEr?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
The integration of air compressor GeLinKeEr? Often have the customer call me, asked angrily, you GeLinKeEr exactly have integrated system combined air compressor. Slowly began to explain to the customer introduce GeLinKeEr products, later found that a growing number of guests to consulting the problem. The department immediately with planning department response why guests don't know our products. After communication understanding GeLinKeEr units for the internal industry sales, no external publicity sales. No wonder so many guests can't find GeLinKeEr product information.

GeLinKeEr units composed of: GeLinKeEr energy-saving screw type air compressor + horizontal storage tanks, high temperature freeze-drying machine precision filter + + 3 group automatic drainage system, and so on. GeLinKeEr supply units at present domestic metal industry, domestic laser machine supporting industries.

for metal industry, GeLinKeEr merchants cooperation with many domestic brands. With the rapid development of auto market in recent years, domestic demand for automobile maintenance station is very large, for each maintenance station or 4 s shop, need to be equipped with a screw air compressor power supply for the tyre, paint spraying, etc. GeLinKeEr company successfully entered the domestic metal industry.

for laser industry, because the country is more and more strict to the requirement of precision instruments, precision components, many manufacturers update higher laser machine tool accuracy, each laser machine tool needs to be equipped with a pressure of 16 kg air compressor, the oil content of compressed air and water content the requirement of high. GeLinKeEr company according to the characteristics of the industry, special research and development of laser industry professional screw air compressor. On the market more than 5 years, deeply the general customers the high praise. Now is the designated supplier of some famous domestic group.

the development of the product, cannot leave the market test. GeLinKeEr compressor, in the tide of the market growing! Welcome consultation GeLinKeEr product.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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