The location of the air compressor customer in your heart

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
We in the sales of air compressor or post-processing equipment to the customer, the first thing to make clear the position of the customer in your heart. “ The customer is god & throughout; In Europe we can often mentioned in optimal internal training topic.

both buyer's market and seller's market, customer and myself are a part of the market economy system, mutual benefit and achieve win-win situation is the hard truth of the development of persistent.

first, the customer is not god. Reason:

1. God help, don't choose and employ persons to help. And on the contrary, customer is a group of people who need your help. If you don't need you help, customers buy things, not you.

2. Customer said that want to, don't really want to. Customers do not want to say now, said really want in the future. On the other hand, customers don't want to say now, does not represent a period of time really don't.

3. Not all customer requirements should be satisfied. Some customer needs, or some customer's needs, we will choose not to meet.

in the eu optimal internal training, sales have been reminded of ten kinds of point of view, should be prepared in the market practice, first of all, should determine the position of the good customer in their hearts: customers are friends, lovers, family. And can according to the following sales methods:

1. We do business, let customers know you, trust you, to believe in what you say, you sell products.

2. Three points to see people smile, customer can't run away. Treat customers like they treat their family and friends, to enthusiastic.

3. So the exchange and communication as friends, not to talk about business and talk about business.

4. As long as your products have a unique value, can solve the practical problems of customers, do not need & other; Throughout the &; The customer.

the value of sales is the air compressor and post-processing of eternal topic, only the value of the customer demand in the first place, our sales work has practical significance.

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