The measures to prevent air compressor radiator blockage

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
A lot of large air compressor users through time to realize, air compressor in the cooler is used to reduce the temperature of the machine, let the air compressor can work better and more durable. Cooler was a core part of the air compressor is very important, but we know that there is no problems if the cooler, oil filter clogging, foreign bodies blocked, etc. , and then heard a cooler of air compressor oil, won't get timely cooling, running under the high temperature air compressor high temperature down. Let's tell you what, how to prevent air compressor radiator plugging measures.

1, we choose the location of the air compressor, and the installation position of air compressor room is very heavy. To tell you that in the bad environment, the sun. The rain splashed into the machine. Or ground humidity is more than 80%, the machine do not put in a lot of dust, corrosive gas, burning gas environment, and air compressor room accessories are in danger of vibration, easy seeper place. Behind the machine put don't get too close to the wall, bad air compressor after-sales maintenance, also easy to cause not ventilated. Between the air compressor machine room temperature should be well ventilated, if measures are not all ready, easy to machine high temperature especially in summer.

2, air compressor, oil shortage, or in the oil quality is bad, the analogy of the air compressor oil is blood in the body, in the air compressor is also very important. To do the proportion of the air compressor to reach the designated position, if the oil is insufficient, will cause the air compressor exhaust temperature is high, cause high temperature alarm, if the oil quality is bad, easy to coking but not the role of lubrication and cooling.

3, the air compressor air filters we also don't ignore. Prevent the air filter is blocked, the maintenance of air compressor has a relationship, such as 2000 hours will be in empty oil and gas separator filter, oil filter, literally everyone know this is too important to filter the dust in the air, particle impurities such as outside eduction, this air compressor to ensure the normal operation, if these are blocked, oil is not clear, is to stop tripping.

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