The noise of the air compressor what are the implications for us

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor noise is a common phenomenon of air compressor, the main noise source is the cylinder, valve, pipe machine, motor and compressor surface, etc. The noise, we cannot turn a blind eye, need to be effectively controlled, mainly mechanical noise control of compressor.

xiamen ou can best for air compressor noise made a concrete analysis of each reason.

1. Cylinder noise in general work in a reciprocating air compressor, the pressure inside the cylinder cyclical changes caused by the piston, cylinder, connecting rod and other components.

2. Closed with the valve open, and valve valve near the change of gas flow, lead to valve in the gas and solid, and when a valve opens up and shut down impact base, occurred in the process of loop noise, open when the noise mainly comes from the upper structure, close the noise is mainly at the bottom of the shock. Noise and the size of the valve itself quality and impact frequency of valve plates. Faster air flow through the valve passage, vortex, so there will be a high frequency noise.

3. Pipe inlet gas velocity and pressure in the inlet pipe noise radiation of compressor inlet gas, produce the intake noise, generally the reciprocating movement of the air compressor is figured out and the atmosphere. So generally larger noise. Also is the important part.

4. Surface of the body of the compressor noise and the spread of the body's internal pressure by all parties, running in the surface of institutions, the presence of vibration, corrosion to the surrounding.

5. Motor noise mainly by mechanical noise, ventilation, noise, electromagnetic noise of three parts. The noise Zui large ventilation noise. When the motor is air cooled, the noise of the fan running and Zui important sources. Design fan, follow the principle of high efficiency low noise.

no matter what kind of noise, all need to look carefully, find out the reason, in order to reduce the damage rate of the machine.

the article source: GeLinKeEr air compressor
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