The normal parking steps of screw air compressor is in xiamen?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
If all of the air compressor are some random sequence, yes, it's so. The xiamen screw air compressor normal parking step is what?

xiamen screw air compressor

1, xiamen screw air compressor from spreading switch to single control position.

2, press the 'uninstall' button, and then run at least 20 ~ 30 s.
3, press the 'stop' button, 'run' lights out, the motor stop. At present most of the unit will stop steps are simplified as: just press the stop button, inlet valve automatically shut down, then the relief valve discharge after 20 s, automatic stop unit.
4, open the discharge valve, the discharge of condensed water in the moisture separator.
5, discharge cold but in the cold water.
6, close the exit door. Above is the xiamen screw air compressor stop order, both in installation and maintenance is generally have a certain order, in this way can better find and solve the problem!
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