The paper analyses the characteristics of the screw air compressor oil

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor
is very strict to the requirement of lubricating oil. Correctly choose compressor oil, therefore, reasonable lubrication is an important measure to ensure the security and stable operation of the compressor, and decided to compressor oil quality factors usually come from the following several aspects:

1. Base oil quality compressor oil base oil generally accounted for more than 95% of the oil products, so the base oil quality fit and unfit quality directly related to the quality of the compressor oil level, less refined base oil of heavy aromatics, colloid content, low carbon residue, antioxidant sensitivity is good, its small inclination of carbon deposit in the compressor system, the characteristic of oil/water separation. Base oil for rotary compressor oil has important effects on the performance, so the screw air compressor oil generally choose excellent hydrogenation mineral oil or synthetic oil as base oil.

  2. Oxidation of Ann in qualitative oil recycling, and constantly contact with high temperature and high pressure oxygen from compressed air, is easy to be generated by the oxidation of various materials such as acids, colloid and asphaltene, make the product color is darker, acid value, viscosity increasing and sediment, thus reducing the oil injection quantity, make the temperature rise in the oil and machine produce excessive wear. As a result, the screw air compressor oil level needs to have good oxidation Ann qualitative, to guarantee the safety of oil to use for a long time.

3. Carbon deposit tendency generally low viscosity and refined oil carbon residue value is low, in use is not easy to carbon deposit. Oil tendency of carbon deposit are the indicators of performance comprehensive performance, many factors influence, the additive also should try to choose type ash free.

  4. Oil-water separation in the operation of the air compressor in constantly meet with condensate in the air and was violent mixing, easy generation ru phenomenon, caused by separation of oil and gas, fuel consumption increase. Because the oil was ru and makes the oil film damage, causing wear and tear. Ru of dispersed oil will cause dust, sand and sludge, affect the function of the valve, increase the friction, wear and oxidation. Therefore, good compressor oil has good anti ru and oil-water separation performance.

5. Defoaming sex screw air compressor oil in the process of recycling, circulation speed, oil level are prone to bubbles. Compressor oil at startup or pressure, oil pools are also prone to bubbles in the oil, a large number of oil bubble in oil and gas separator, the resistance increase, fuel consumption increase, will cause serious overload, overtemperature and other anomalies. Therefore, the compressor oil level needs to have good defoaming performance, to ensure that the oil bubble small bias and foam stability is good.

  6. Rust protection and corrosion resistance due to the moisture in the air easy condensation inside the intermittent operation of compressors, unfavorable to lubrication and rust may be produced, so the requirements compressor oil should have a good rust protection. Oil condensation parts material is easy to corrode copper or copper metal, oil in the early days of oxidation and deterioration, generate sludge. This requires oil has good corrosion resistance.

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