The placement of air compressor to the environment

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Just started to buy air compressor, is generally not used directly, require professional installation and debugging confirm no problem, can normal work. Air compressor placement problem, more concern has been professionals, some because of the site, most people may be looking for a place to put down. Don't think what is the effect, GeLinKeEr think, site selection and installation of air compressor is equally important. Because these are about the use of air compressor performance and service life. Air compressor positions of the more important reasons mainly include the following:

1. The vibration of the air compressor in the process of our work is relatively small, generally does not require special fixed, but the request must be no sag, the ground should have enough capacity, prevent air compressor vibration noise.

2. If air compressor is installed on the second floor above, be sure to do protection, prevent because the vibration impact on the downstairs, reduce the security hidden danger.

3. Air compressor at work because of mechanical friction produces a lot of calories, no matter what type of machine, should have good ventilation, if the surrounding temperature will be high temperature compressor, even has the potential to stop running, also cannot be exposed, often blowing rain, also have damage to a air compressor, reduce the use air compressor cycle.

to the problem of ventilation GeLinKeEr has some own methods, also practical:

1. Increase the electric fan reduce indoor temperature;

2. Lead duct to the wall.

3. High temperature of hot air recycling machine. If low temperature in winter, can use the machine to produce increase indoor temperature, the temperature of summer is hot, hot air line can be outside.

4. Moisture content is higher in the air, air compressor machine in a dry place, reduce the condensed water, even at the end of the pipe and ball valves for water discharge.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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