The principle of air compressor system training to share

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Air compressor, the principle of training for our professional engaged in energy-saving screw air compressor GeLinKeEr people speaking, the lesson is a must. Is engaged in air compressor industry need to master the basic knowledge of the brother of a. In order to meet the customer's energy saving, service the growing demand for products, promote the competitiveness of the enterprise, the company organize regular part of the sales staff to GeLinKeEr using principle of screw air compressor, precautions for normal operation, regular maintenance of basic knowledge, fault judgment and exclude specific training and so on product knowledge.

brother part of training theory knowledge, mainly focus on the main core of the screw air compressor parts, main engine, motor, electric control, lubricating oil, oil filter, oil and gas separator, sensor, air intake valve, cooler, the minimum pressure valve, oil and gas barrels, tubing and so on part name, function and the point of failure, and so on has made the detailed explanation and analysis. Company at home people listen to with relish, everyone sitting notes earnestly, the meaning behind the detailed records every parts.

training in the second part is for product field training. All shifted people to participate in training venues, came to the workshop site. From theoretical knowledge to the real product training to bring very clear cognition and deep memory. For each product components are all seriously listened to the service computing engineers carefully explain and analyze the core products, at the same time gives you begin dismantling and installation, analysis, and so on. Remember everyone seriously notes, parts and problems everyone eager to don't understand to ask questions.

through this learning, enhance GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor products knowledge ability and customer service skills. Believe in continuous learning, continuous improvement, growing GeLinKeEr to energy saving, high quality products and efficient air compressor share. Contributing to an own city energy conservation and environmental protection.

at the same time recommend to visit GeLinKeEr energy-saving compressor's official website. Let's talk together to learn and grow together.

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