The product characteristics of air compressor heat recovery

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
With the gradual promotion and popularization of environmental economy, the energy requirements of natural energy equipment will also more and more strict, so on the evolution of the equipment performance naturally want to embody the outstanding technical advantage, and waste heat recycling air compressor is definitely a good choice. After all, the current has become the main trend of the waste heat recovery and utilization of the, this to meet the demand of enterprise different process is extremely advantageous. , of course, produced by the air compressor in the running process of waste heat, effective use with cheng intercept type anti circulate hot technology for energy conversion, high temperature and high pressure gas produced by it can be used for thermal energy conversion and access to, this also nots allow to ignore to the thermal energy demand solve enterprise equipment advantages. Heat energy recovery technology has some characteristics: 1, zero heating costs: it itself is a kind of waste heat utilization project, water heater installed in air compressor, did not increase the load of the air compressor itself, the use of air compressor heat energy to produce hot water, do not need any auxiliary heating equipment, so the heating cost is zero. 2, is not affected by the weather, its quantity of heat from the running of screw air compressor oil temperature, air compressor operating temperature at 92 ℃, 85 ℃, then hot water temperature will be free press in the operation of waste heat utilization water heater have hot water output, so it is not affected by the weather. 3, is advantageous to the air compressor cooling: air compressor to run at high speed, the output of heat, air compressor to absorb most of the water heater heat, make the operating temperature of the air compressor within the normal range, can stop the air compressor cooling fans, reduce power consumption, prolong oil quality. Greatly reduces the failure rate of air compressor, make life better. 4, effective apparent: it has been proved that a 75 HP screw machine, in the case of running 12 hours a day. Can solve the hot water supply of 600 people, half a year will pay its own way, in the long term, it is the enterprise to solve employee living hot water well engineering. 5, and is helpful for enterprises to save energy: no need to go to burn oil or electricity to heat the cold water, save energy, reduce burning oil pollution caused by burning electricity and so on, to reduce emissions of waste heat, has made a contribution to environmental protection, and really save the amazing spending. GeLinKeEr as its famous air compressor brand, always pay attention to every detail, to provide customers with perfect after-sales service guarantee, is committed to waste heat recovery system for many years, transforming experience, also won the market in recent years the majority of users praise. The good life, to create together!
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