The proper way to clean air compressor on carbon

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Most things placed a period of time, the passage of time will be accumulated a certain amount of impurities or particulate matter. So is our air compressor. Even have been used, the machine internal also exist some carbon deposition. Carbon deposition, will affect the normal operation of the machine, cause jams phenomenon of lubricating oil, serious downtime, or even explode.

the carbon deposition position is more host machine and oil, and so on. The two position because of all the air circulation, so the accumulation of carbon deposition will is serious situation. In fact, for carbon deposition problem of the air compressor you as long as the handle & other; A/an oil & throughout; Related problems, then will not have too big problem. “ A/an oil & throughout; Refers to the lubricating oil, oil filter, air filter, filter and oil content. These four parts is important one annulus, which component has a problem can cause oil carbon deposition. That is to say, the lubricating oil will produce carbon deposition, was mainly caused by a few small. How to identify which parts are out of the question, air compressor oil, for example, when think could be the result of a lubricating oil carbon deposition, must first confirm that machine in the process of exhaust, smell is normal, if there is a peculiar smell, can confirm, vice is a problem of other components.

how to efficiently complete the carbon cleaning? Say to my personal experience, the company is doing the environmental protection, the company for carbon deposition tolerance is almost zero. In the process of operation, the first records to check all the parts on the machine is running, then choose a suitable carbon cleaning agents, the company chooses is xiamen GeLinKeEr brand, purchase GeLinKeEr this cleaner, air compressor is in severe coking, worried about detergent doesn't work at the beginning, but in the process of actual use, only a week's time, basic no residual carbon deposition.

here we maintain a high frequency of screening work, its press had mild carbon can consider to use cleaner, which can guarantee the carbon removal to quickly and cost effectively.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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