The quality of xiamen ShenRong propane tanks?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
This year is a special year, thanks to new crown pneumonia outbreak to 2020 years ago, in early February, from all walks of life are faced with great challenge, isolation work at home, the passage of time slowly, the people of the whole country in the face of the outbreak, mutual care, unity is strength, white angels and heroic soldiers go all out to wuhan, they save lives, with life in the government's strict control with the cooperation of the people of the whole country, finally ushered in the beautiful spring! Is also our purchasing season of

regional enterprise factories are now coming back to return to work and production, our factory also resumed production, are in urgent need to purchase 2 only 20 cubic 10 kilograms of propane tanks, for such a big storage tanks, don't know the pressure container factory in stock? Also don't know what happened to quality, so stay on the Internet, see, xiamen ShenRong industrial co. , LTD. Product quality is good, you leave a message on the Internet information are also full of praise, also saw a marked on their website have a spot, and generally such a large storage tanks, factory if inventory is reserved, this also prove that they are strong? Hurriedly try holding the mood, to understand the website customer service, stock is really solved.

dialed the telephone of xiamen ShenRong industrial company 400, directly with the customer service said we need to cut 20 cubic 10 kg 2 do you have any goods, need to buy. Began answering the 400 telephone customer service also leng, so hurry a bit weird, direct help to check the warehouse there are 2 sets, soon gave me miss li's telephone sales, all show the sales professional in communication, under the recommend miss li, we purchased the gasholder 20 cubic 10 kilograms of gasholder are two warehouses are now in stock will sign a contract with miss li and payment during the outbreak of speed is so fast, really thumb up on the efficiency of xiamen ShenRong industrial company, the goods to the scene, everybody is satisfied, hope to cooperate with ShenRong industrial company, the next ShenRong company has been built into the supplier system, our company is looking forward to next cooperation!

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