The relationship between press and compressor

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
GeLinKeEr air compressor is specialized in air compressor already has more than 20 years, so they have a good professional team. After so much precipitation, GeLinKeEr air compressor has been all over the country, after-sales service is also in place in time. If buy air compressor, GeLinKeEr sales team, will be customized according to user's need a whole set of gasholder and person.

air compressor and compressor is we often mention two nouns. Will also have a doubt, they have what relation, isn't it or if it is not the same as what is the difference between. Now GeLinKeEr sales team did some professional summary on these issues.

in fact, air compressor and compressor is the same kind of equipment, but the compressor can be divided into air compressors, oxygen and nitrogen compressor, it is obvious the difference caused by different compressed gas. Normally there is high pressure air, can use compressors, production units, such as factories, hospitals, schools and textile mills have such requirements. As the technology matures, the effect of energy saving is more and more obvious. The main working principle is to air compressor produce compressed gas, we need to often post-processing equipment processing, in addition to clean the water, to storage tanks. Guarantee to the gas side, compressed gas is no water, if there is moisture will affect the quality of the product factory.

propane tanks have buffer effect, prevent the air compressor and unload, this also not very energy saving. Have the propane tanks can also improve the working efficiency of the air compressor.

how to match the size between post-processing and air compressor, may lay can not clear. This time we GeLinKeEr sales team will need to give reasonable Suggestions, to make a variety of feasible solution for the user to choose from.

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