The relief valve check method and its advantages and disadvantages of is what?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Safety valve calibration with live online check, and check check two kinds of methods, should try to check at the scene, under conditions allow for on-site check more practical operation condition, and thus more reliable.

the advantages and disadvantages of on-site check:

1, easy to check for welding safety valve, can measure the back pressure.

2, defect is check time is long, repeatedly booster system, not the economy, is more dangerous, can not do the leakage test.

the advantages and disadvantages of safety valve room temperature calibration machine:

1, the solution at room temperature and working temperature below 250 ℃ of the relief valve setting and leak detection.

2, determine the scope of the relief valve opening pressure smaller error, save the new safety valve adjustment time, reduces the labor intensity, reduce the energy consumption and reduce risk Sui work.

3, the disadvantage is that there is the error of the spring operating temperature and room temperature at high temperature to soften, and can't check back pressure.
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