The role of the one-way oil return valve

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Screw air compressor, with its advantages of high efficiency, reliable, strong, less maintenance, become the mainstream product air compressor on the market today. No matter what type of air compressor, to achieve its performance, the need to 'fit' of each place parts. The outlet of screw air compressor, there is a small but important parts - — The principle of oil return valve, it is what? What is the role? Oil return valve consists of body, steel ball, steel ball seat, spring element composition and so on. Air compressor host compression of the mixture of oil and gas in first YouQiGuan preliminary separation by centrifugal force, because the oil is greater than the weight of the air, most of the oil in a solid mixture of oil and gas to oil tank by centrifugal force, screw air compressor under the action of internal pressure back to the host for the lubrication cycle, and contain a small amount of compressed air by the oil and gas separator of oil separation again, this time separation of oil and gas separator lubricating oil will fall to the bottom of the oil and gas separator, in order not to let this part of the oil with compressed air, unit used in the design of a pipeline inserted into the bottom of the oil and gas separator, through the internal pressure, the introduction of this part of the oil directly into the host lubrication, and a check valve in the pipeline, appellation oil return single screw air compressor valve. The role of oil return valve is only allowed in compressor gas into the air tank, and the gas in the gas tank can't return to the compressor. If oil return valve failure was gas-holder after press stop gas through the pressure relief valve discharge, cause compressor start over and over again. Air compressor of each component has its important role, 'cooperation' between the parts to make the air compressor exert its maximum performance. So we should understand the role of the major parts of the air compressor, completes the maintenance, prevent the happening of the fault. That is some small parts of air compressor oil return one-way valve principle of simple introduction and explanation, for your reference.
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