The screw air compressor oil is introduced

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Oil and gas separator is an essential oil screw air compressor components, air compressor at run time, because of the high temperature and high pressure, will inevitably make the some lubricating oil vaporization of the body's internal oil vapor and small oil droplets, followed in the compressed air into the exhaust pipe. Therefore, you need to furnish the oil and gas separator, the lubricating oil in the compressed air separation to go out, make the purified gas. Screw air compressor oil and gas separation device components has many titles, such as oil and gas separator, oil essence oil separator, oil core, grading, and the industry usually call it for short of oil. Fuel injection type screw air compressor, there is a separation of oil and gas barrels, it formed with oil screw air compressor oil and gas separation system. Oil and gas separation bucket is primary separation, also known as the 'primary separation'; Separation and oil separation, belong to 'secondary', and more clean and more completely and effectively separate the compressed air and oil. New oil content has the pressure difference, called the initial pressure difference, usually the initial pressure difference 0 or less using the standard request. 2 bar, injection screw, sliding-vane, vortex type air compressor oil will have the use of differential pressure. Oil content are full, because in its separation of oil and compressed air at the same time, the impurities will be stuck on its filter data, and then filter blocked pores, which causes large resistance and make the air compressor power consumption to add, not conducive to the realization of energy conservation and emissions reduction, so when the oil content block to a certain differential pressure value shall be timely replacement. Oil content block is also called the oil pressure difference is too big, the separation of oil and gas before and after the pressure difference between the larger separation. So how much is the pressure difference is called block? Different brand different types of air compressor, the setting of the differential pressure alarm value is different also, usually at 0. 8 to 1. Between 5 bar, differential pressure alarm indicates oil content need to be replaced. The above is some information about the oil core, for your reference.
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