The selection of air compressor in the coal-fired power plant

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
The air compressor are used in all walks of life, in a number of chemical industry, everybody for coal-fired power plants is a stranger. Coal-fired power plant is the main use of thermal power, coal as fuel, in order to provide electricity. On fuel use, often consume a large amount of heat, and other industries is not exactly the same, the main purpose of the power plant auxiliary compressor has two, in addition to the use of air compressor compressed air processing is completed as a device for purging, another is a bunch of automation control equipment of thermal power plants to provide gas source, and textile industries, power plant to the quality requirement of compressed air is very high, this article today, and people from various aspects to analyse the selection of air compressor in the coal-fired power plant.

A, power matching the current (instantaneous) operating conditions of the air compressor: ( 1) Coal-fired power plants use morer screw air compressor and unloading frequently, often assume the band operation, also said the above, coal-fired power plants are often applied to the automatic control equipment, screw air compressor in to supply the equipment energy consumption accounts for part of the whole factory is bigger, ( 2) Coal-fired power plant USES screw air compressor often work under high exhaust pressure, on the gas waste is serious.

B, for this kind of situation, advice GeLinKeEr air compressor power plant for air compressor piping configuration adjustment in the paper are as follows: ( 1) Inside the screw air compressor assembly built-in cooling device, gas supply pressure can be controlled in reasonable range;

( 2) In purging and pumping equipment supply, these devices installed in the air compressor energy conservation network, can ensure that the pressure of the air compressor tends to be stable;

( 3) Use air compressor output and external airflow to transport energy, many power plants are now trying to break through in this respect.

basic on the selection of compressor in coal-fired power plant is over, hope this article to help everybody learning tasks.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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