The solution to the high temperature air compressor

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Before simple for everybody introduced some of the possible causes of the high temperature air compressor machine and air compressor oil reasons, now to ask you to provide some solution, for your reference. A compression station layout in the installation of air compressor, air compressor station, the need to advance design good air compressor, air tank, dryer, filters and other common equipment, devices and equipment as well as between equipment and walls between reserve enough space for heat dissipation space and maintenance. Keep good ventilation, air compressor station equipped with exhaust fan when necessary. Such as air compressor station built outside, you will need to be dustproof, waterproof, antifreeze, explosion-proof drying treatment, lest caused by bad dust, moisture, high and low temperature and abnormal damage of air compressor. In addition, air compressor station need to set aside the area of air compressor maintenance, air compressor station to limit the area needed for air compressor maintenance, to ensure that the air compressor fault timely and convenient maintenance. Second, the regular d maintenance into the good habit of regular inspection, maintenance, and maintenance and repair records. Check include compressed air and air compressor with grease PaoMaoDiLou, change regularly lubricating grease as required and other vulnerable parts, regularly test voltage and current of air compressor station, do a good job in the surface of the air compressor and other equipment cleaning and environmental cleanup, etc. You may refer to detailed inspection and maintenance of the equipment maintenance manuals. Three, select qualified parts including the common wearing parts, such as air filters, oil-water separator and air compressor oil lubrication. Questions about the selection of air compressor oil, recommendations are as follows: 1. Choose appropriate viscosity, choose good compressor oil glue temperature compressor oil viscosity selection based on can juggle lubricity and liquidity. Such as the operation condition of the air compressor without special circumstances, the user manual provided by equipment selection; As a special working conditions of air compressor, the need to be adjusted according to actual working condition. Such as high working temperature of the air compressor station, you will need to consider the influence of temperature on viscosity, can be appropriately increase viscosity; If air compressor station in outside, day and night temperature difference is bigger, you will need to choose sticky temperature performance better air compressor oil, etc. 2. Selecting thermal oxidation stability good compressor oil for air compressor, because of the cause of the compressed gas, 20% of the oxygen content in the oxidation resistance of the compressor oil really is a big test. Thermal oxidation stability can prolong the service life of compressor oil not only, more important is can reduce the sludge caused by high temperature oxidation, materials such as paint film deposition and aggregation, these are all compressor caused by high temperature, the very important factors influencing the compressor normal work. In addition, the oxidation of acid, to a certain extent for the metal parts inside the compressor has bad influence. 3. Choose air separation performance good air compressor oil release and control the bubble would affect the compressor lubrication, and can affect the effect of compressor oil and gas separation, to a certain extent, will affect the service life of oil and gas separator. In addition to that, if oil and gas separation effect is not good, still can cause high oil content of compressed air, affect the subsequent production and product quality. 4. Considering the compressor oil water resistance, especially for the coastal zone, such as outdoor air compressor station air humidity is bigger, moisture content is higher in the air, the existence of the condensed water easy cause compressor oil emulsion, which affects the performance of the compressor oil, so need to choose a compressor oil with good water resistance. 5. Completes the oil detection and tracking if the condition allows, regular oil testing is necessary for the user. Through regular sampling, testing the performance of the compressor oil changes, through the performance change compressor is a potential problem and fault can be found in a timely manner, at the same time also can give users more accurate guidance of oil change, avoid the waste oil.
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