The structure and working principle of the oil tank

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
The screw compressor oil tank storage in oil and gas separation and two kinds of function. Compressed to the oil tank, oil and gas mixture in the oil tank of rotation can be isolated from most of the lubricating oil; Store more lubricating oil, to avoid just separated the hot oil immediately involved in the next cycle, is helpful to reduce the exhaust temperature. Oil tank oil tank has a horizontal and vertical two kinds of commonly used ones are, there is oil core, return pipe, valve, minimum pressure valve, pressure gauge installed on the tanks, barrels on one oil-way, for refueling. The oil core filtered air, after the minimum pressure valve, flow to the back of the cooler, and discharge air compressor. Minimum pressure valve and check valve, the exhaust valve is called oil tank top. Located in the oil and gas separator outlet above the barrels of oil and gas, opening pressure is set to 0. About 45 mpa, the minimum pressure valve mainly has the following functions: ( 1) Check function: when the outage when pressure drop in the bucket of oil and gas, prevent the reverse flow of compressed air pipeline. ( 2) Starts to build up the lubricating oil required cycle pressure, ensure the machine lubrication; ( 3) Barrels of oil and gas in the air pressure more than 0. After 40 mpa to open, can reduce through the oil and gas separator of air velocity, ensure the effect of oil and gas separator, and can protect oil and gas separator suffer from pressure difference is too big. Oil tank on the end cover is a safety valve, when the oil tank air pressure reaches the set value of 1. 1 times the relief valve automatically open, put away part of the air, reduce the pressure of the oil tank. Check valve is in the compressor load work, gently pull on the relief valve discouraged TAB, if the relief valve can exhaust outward, is regarded as normal. Oil tank is equipped with a pressure gauge, pressure before detection is the filter. Equipped with a drain valve at the bottom of oil tank, regularly open the drain valve, draining precipitation in oil tank at the bottom of the water and dirt. Oil tank next to have a transparent oil level mirror shows that the oil level of oil tank. Normal oil level is between upper and lower scale ( Air compressor shut down half an hour's static oil level) Too high will run away, too low, will shutdown. Above is something about the air compressor internal oil tank working principle and basic structure of the knowledge of the respect, for your reference.
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