The textile industry choice selection of air compressor equipment should be how to do?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
We all know that the current air compressor has many applications in domestic and foreign markets, now many use air compressor manufacturing industry and service industry there are many cases. Itself to & other; Can be used throughout the &; As the main purpose, and most of the air compressor equipment can basically satisfy the business enterprise & other; Plug and play & throughout; Principle, but according to the experience of the industry users, often in choosing equipment, can produce large amounts of energy consumption, energy between different equipment also put in bigger difference, choose a more energy-saving machine, can help enterprises to save the cost of tens of thousands of yuan a year, if it is a relatively large size, gas more frequently the textile industry, for compressed air itself put forward higher requirements, a good cure for equipment is less for enterprises to save more than 100000 spending next year.

in this article to the textile industry of efficient production tools jet loom as an example, to share how to choose the air compressor according to this kind of equipment.

( 1) Compression out the content of oil and water in the air have specific requirements, including the content of impurities shall not exceed all have specific provision, details you can find the answer, the brand is a professional do the energy saving of air compressor, there is a special energy-saving index to describe;

( 2) The pressure of compressed air requirements, the requirements of the exhaust pressure amount must be greater than the pressure of initial startup textile equipment, and ensure that the textile equipment work under low pressure in three.

in the practical application of the textile industry, of course, in addition to the above mentioned jet loom, most of the equipment for the compressor itself request is not high, but an efficient enterprise, usually need efficient tool to complete the project. So a high quality of air compressor now most of the listed companies, efficient product chain of sex of benefits as snowball, rolling, the greater the final formation of reserves, economic production of big snow mountain, power enterprises.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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