The tianmu lake of xiamen GeLinKeEr development summary

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Company or brother again to participate in the development, with a curious mood began a journey to expand, this two days is full and very meaningful, left unforgettable memories and moved. Although the two days of training is not long, but the harvest quite a lot.

this has eight major project, then tell me about the deepest feeling, there are two high project, as is the board in 8 meters high, a is a jump from the wood of this period of time, and then jump back; Is another board to catch carry high in the sky. Although do the safety protection measures, but in the mind still have a lot of fear, thinking about one thousand didn't cross the past, not holding the front shoulder to do, it's a mental challenge. This process, people estimate think my agile, seems to be not afraid of appearance, actually when standing in the sky, my leg is not independent of trembling, soft, psychological keep telling myself to go, if in the above delay about long, will certainly be more afraid of, along with his family in the following of encouragement and the cries, what all don't go to want to cross out the brother step, suddenly feel less afraid. Think cross out that step is not overcome the fear in the heart, that if in life or work across a step more or can't do better?

jigsaw puzzle and one of the items, this is a failure of the project, although there is no complete, but it is because there is no complete reaction a lot of problems. Project is divided into seven groups, each group has its own task, but our goal is to complete 1000 points in a limited time, the scene is a mess, you want to complete their team's goal, without thinking of how to complete the team 1000 points, critical seven groups are we cried out the other team became a Courier, delivery card back and forth. Finally coach to terminate the project, said & other; Give you half an hour, you still can't complete the & throughout; , the reasons were analyzed. Yeah, the individual team completed the target can happen again, the whole team goal difference is very far, just see the goal was not to see what's the use of team goals. This project reflects both in work and life, in order to a common goal, need to make the corresponding plan, clear goal, a reasonable division of labor, perform in place, to cooperate with each other, trust each other, communicate unceasingly, joint efforts to complete.

development is already in the past, leaving us we are not just beautiful memories, but the harvest, whether can apply expand learning experience in life and work, is a process of training, whatever the outcome, at the very least is paid.

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