The use of air compressor process specification

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Maintenance is essential to the safe operation of air compressor, air compressor is one of the main mechanical equipment of many companies, strict enforcement of air compressor to run the program, not only help to extend the service life of air compressor, and helps to ensure the safety of the air compressor operator, let's take a look at the air compressor to run the program.

operation matters before

1, after stopping for a long time before starting next time, need to check the vehicles and pay attention to whether there is the impact, jam or abnormal sound.

2, the machine must be started under the condition of no load.

3, within the scope of the lubricating oil stored in the scale of oil pool.

4, before the air compressor to run, check whether the amount of oil in the lubricator is not less than the scale line.

5, before the operation of air compressor, check whether protection and safety accessories intact.

6, check whether the exhaust pipe to open.

7, open water and open the inlet valve so that the cooling water flow.

8, check whether the moving parts, flexible connection parts for fastening and lubrication system is normal.

9, electrical control equipment safe and reliable.

in the process of running things

1, after no-load running normally, air compressor is gradually put into operation.

2, when the air compressor is running, running, should always be ready to collect and adjust all kinds of meter reading.

3, found in the air compressor running water temperature rise and fall, suddenly sudden high exhaust pressure, safety valve failure, shall be immediately shut down machine, identify causes and be ruled out.

4, dynamic part of the compressor operation must be executed in accordance with the relevant provisions of the internal combustion engine.

air compressor at the time of use, these process specification must pay more attention to, only in this way can make better use of equipment.

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