The use of filter minefield

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
The filter is an important part of compressed air purification system. Filter is mainly used for removal of compressed air pollutants, such as solid particles, oil mist and liquid water. Filters can be installed in the upstream of dryer in order to protect the dryer, also be installed on the downstream side of the dryer or locations. Air compressor users seem to have a misunderstanding, think that the higher the accuracy of the air compressor filter about good, in fact, this is wrong. Not filter precision, the higher the better air compressor filters, select the appropriate air compressor filter is the best. The filter accuracy refers to the air compressor filter can block the biggest diameter of solid particles. Filtration precision, the higher the filter, can block the material of solid particle diameter is smaller, more easily blocked by large particles. When choosing air compressor filters, all occasions use high precision air compressor filter and cannot ensure the filtering efficiency of air compressor filters ( Related to the penetration rate, is the most important measure of quality of air compressor filters) Rise, and the service life would also be affected. Should choose according to filter object and achieve the purpose of filtering precision. When choosing air compressor filters, the average person there is a myth, they think the air quality according to the need to choose corresponding processing precision of the single air compressor filter can meet the requirements, and save money. Actually otherwise, although the required air quality by the selected single air compressor is determined by the processing precision of the filter, but there is no front the pretreatment of the low level of air compressor filter protection, high precision filter will soon be blocked because of heavy load, speed up the filter replacement frequency, it is to increase the cost of production. So, in carries on the maintenance, the engineers according to the actual situation, reasonable manufacturers recommend using appropriate filter, not only to minimize the spending, also let the machine get reasonable use. GeLinKeEr is committed to build complete compressed air system for the user, also have a level 3 different filter in the filter, can meet a variety of operating mode and conditions of the client, also with high quality/low failure rate in recent years won the praise of users, the good life, build together.
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