The working principle of single screw air compressor and related knowledge

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Single screw air compressor is made up of ten cylindrical screw and two symmetrical configuration of the star wheel plane and vice, contained in the main chassis. Screw of the spiral groove, the chassis of the lining, and the star wheel tooth surface of space constitutes the compressor working volume. Motor directly drives the screw shaft rotation, screw drives the star wheel spin again.

gas by a host of inspiratory mouth into the spiral groove, after compression again by the main vent discharge on the chassis. Also open with spray holes on the main chassis, the lubricating oil injection volume work, have the effect of seal cooling and lubrication on the screw usually has six trough belt between ship is divided into two, each implementation on the working process of the compressor is to screw a screw slot, for example, shows the working process of the compressor screw screw slot in front of the star has not yet been meshes into gear tooth and suction cavity are interlinked, in a state of suction. When turn the screw to a certain position, star tooth groove closed, at this time you inhale material after the suction process, screw the rotation with the star wheel adjustment tank into, closed working volume shrinking, realize the compression of gas process, when the working volume row a after working volume and the exhaust orifice connected with the compressed gas by burning it looks exhaust orifice to exhaust pipe, until tooth from the spiral groove. If free press demand, can call GeLinKeEr air compressor consulting for details.
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