The working principle of the air compressor oil and gas separator

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Oil and gas separation device is the key to determine air compressor compressed air quality components, high quality of the oil and gas separation device not only can ensure the compressor work with high efficiency, and the filter service life can amount to thousands of hours. From the compression head out of the compressed air entrainment, big and small oil droplets. Lard drops through oil and gas separator is easy separation, and small oil droplets ( Below 1 um diameter suspended particles) Must be through the oil and gas separation filter of micron and glass fiber filter material layer filtration. The spread of the oil particles by the filter material, directly blocked by filter material and the condensation of inertia collision mechanism, make the compressed air in the suspended particles quickly condenses into lard oil drops and oil under the action of gravity concentration in oil at the bottom of the core, by importing returns at the bottom of the sunken place return pipe head lubricating oil system, so that more pure and oil-free compressed air compressor discharge. Compressed air of solid particles after oil core stranded in the filter layer, this leads to a differential pressure (oil core Resistance) On the rise. As the oil core using time growth, when the oil core differential pressure reaches 0. 08 to zero. 1 mpa, the filter must be replaced, or increase the compressor running cost ( Power consumption) 。 Oil and gas separator replacement method, built-in models: 1. Air compressor shut down, shut off the air compressor, open the drain valve, confirm there is no pressure system. 2. Break above the barrels of oil and gas pipeline, at the same time, exports to the valve on the pressure maintaining cooler piping to be removed. 3. Remove the return line. 4. Remove the cover fixed bolt on the barrels of oil and gas, remove the gas barrel cover. 5. Remove the oil and gas separator with new oil and gas separator. 6. Installed in accordance with the open of the order. External type: air compressor shut down, close the air compressor export, open the drain valve, after confirm there is no pressure system will be removed to replace the old oil and gas separator new oil and gas separator. Safe use of 1, air compressor oil tank cover above, there is a safety valve, when the oil tank air pressure reaches the set value of 1. 1 times the relief valve automatically open, put away part of the air, reduce the pressure of the oil tank. Check valve is in the compressor load work, gently pull relief valve on the disappointing tie rod, if the relief valve can exhaust outward, is regarded as normal. 2, the oil tank is equipped with a pressure gauge, pressure before detection is the filter. Equipped with a drain valve at the bottom of oil tank, regularly open the drain valve, draining precipitation in oil tank at the bottom of the water and dirt. 3, the oil tank has a transparent oil mirror appear next oil tank by a high or low. The correct oil level is its compressor oil level in normal working conditions in the up and down the middle, too high will run away, too low will affect the safety of the whole machine.
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