These often need to change the screw air compressor to ensure the safety and normal use

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
In order to prolong the service life of equipment, generally will not regular replacement parts, and some parts, etc. It is stated in use after period of time needs to be replaced. In order to ensure that the screw air compressor normal use and explosion accident, therefore need to change some parts, such as lubricants, filters, separators, etc.

1, filter

filter is divided into oil filter, pre filter, air filter. Different types of filters, the change of way, the number of times and requirements are different. Filter used for the first time need to be replaced after 500 hours, then once every 1500 hours after the replacement use. The filter need to be cleaned once every ten days, can shorten the time according to usage. To filter when using alert after 1000 hours or need for cleaning or replacement, can change to replace the time according to the working environment.

2, separator

GeLinKeEr layer analysis is mainly oil and gas separator, when using the equipment indicator lights or have pressure than normal, for oil and gas separator, first check or replacement. General change time is 3500 hours, can according to the concrete usage set replacement time. In a tense must pay attention to the barrel inside without sundry, hampering the operation of air machine.

3, lubricating oil

screw air compressor oil for the first time use, need to be replaced after 500 hours, after replacing time guarantees for changing once every 3000 hours.

if you ignore in our daily life to check these parts or things, or no change in time, may not when the time comes the cost of these, is likely to replace the screw air compressor, so please don't be frightened by this trouble or in order to save trouble, and ignore the small details.

the article source: GeLinKeEr air compressor
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