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by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Choose a air compressor is bad to buy, common saying says interlaced, such as the hills, as if to say use air compressor for each user, it is really so? Buy small make up today will tell you, no, bad is bad just means you haven't picked to suppliers, small make up today will tell you what, it's of good quality, excellent service, price populist GeLinKeEr, Zui importantly worry-free after-sale protection. When you are buying the GeLinKeEr air compressor system, you will get the following services.

warranty: after the commissioning, the machine one year warranty, damaged parts will be free replacement.

makes the status of the service for you, in order to ensure that you get high quality original factory after-sales service, GeLinKeEr commitment is as follows:

once any user to buy any device, we will have a compressed air technical service engineers of the company responsible for all of you after service work, including daily contact, warranty, parts replacement, troubleshooting and so on. And got a call from your people with disabilities within specified range 4 ~ 12 hours to solve the problem now.

in addition, the company will prepare two special open 24 hours for the whole year's phone number for you, one of which is a customer service commissioner of your cell phone number, this and the other is a GeLinKeEr switchboard number, you usually need any service, any question can be directly contact with customer service commissioner, if you are not satisfied can directly contact the company switchboard, we pledge the Zui speed to meet your needs; We will be in GeLinKeEr service point and warehouse prepare enough spare parts for you at the same time, you don't need to set up inventory, some commonly used spare parts will be GeLinKeEr service can get, also prepared to make a distribution warehouse.

each air compressor users will get your customer service commissioner, tailored for you the maintenance plan, and the inside and around the customer when we will arrive in the maintenance of early contact with you or visit your site, so that your machine can continue stable Zui better state run!

we also accept your additional needs, such as equipment assembly, or upgrade the construction of factory, chemical plant upgrades to the information, etc. We can provide technical support, in addition to energy saving renovation and idle air compressor air compressor equipment booking and other services, as long as you need we can all Zui big limit to satisfy to do it.

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