This is the person who should have quality!

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Zui nearly for a person who factory to do quality analysis, it found that some common fault of the person who vendors would, in the Europe can share with colleagues. The same customer, has sold 6 person, because of the dew point temperature, according to the table is different, the customer is confused, for service personnel to come many times, still cannot be solved. In rule out the use of the customer the reason and the design of the person, make the difference, find the person who ship in different seasons in a year, in the debug machine working condition of no unified standard lead to customers to use in the process of each performance difference. Unified requirements is the guarantee of commissioning condition of each machine factory after unification, this is a mature and reliable person who the manufacturer must be able to request.

to return factory mechanism of 11 person cold effect is poor, do not leak, in no-load running normal, and the same batch. According to the manufacturer to reflect a month, sometimes in several batches. Returned back after rework again after the factory is no problem again. The factory did not process the file. By the observation on production lines for many times, finally found that one of the workers when it encounters a good vacuum, just go off work, often left fluorine filling, fill again the next day.

here's to optimal again, detail decides success or failure. Including for example: the three countries automobile factory workers in the assembly car wheels, just put on the two bolts, heard from work at this time the performance after the bell rang, the germans put two good bolt and tools neat put together, after work. Japanese people finish the rest of the bolt, check and put the tools neat, from work. Chinese wrench thrown, from work. It's a joke, of course, but the early stages of China's auto industry indeed. We should also is the stage in the industry. So everyone recognized German is rigorous, the Japanese professional not shout a few slogan will be able to catch up with. No, there is no product quality control process document. So do the air compressor, dryer is not difficult, but for air compressor, dryer are by no means an easy thing.

there are a lot of person appear refrigeration system, refrigeration compressor jammed fault. Anatomy, dust scale plugging in the filter drier and compressor oil. On line 5 s after consolidation and welding procedure specification, such failures greatly decreased.

and then virtual welding problem, after a period of time that the running of the machine in the factory production and commissioning are well. European advanced person who has a test procedure is to prevent false welding production line. For the most part at present in domestic person factory without this process. Remember I'm competent person of AC line imported for Asia Pacific customer, due to late arrival of the process equipment, Taiwan and Singapore found no this process when customer visit, delayed three months order, until we send the photograph of the working procedure to them before placing an order.

now high-end customers and international customers are attaches great importance to the production process, so high-end person, often used to conquer the customer production line. A good product not only to do a good job in marketing, on the production process and production management for customers take orally, is in an impregnable position in the market.

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