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by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Fix a machine may only need one day time, but to maintain relations with customers, the time required to have more than one year. Even serious, a lot of manufacturers after-sales after selling his machine, what also don't care. Once sold machines, and issues related to customer asked him after he had an excuse delay, call 400, after the phone promised the first time to repair, after a month, we haven't see their voice, the malignant events even after television exposure, or than is visible. Have to say, although the clients for this kind of situation has been commonplace, but because of a few manufacturer despicable, affecting the earnest do products company, we really can't accept it.

I am a xiamen GeLinKeEr an after sales engineer, at the end of last year, the purchasing manager of a hospital found our GeLinKeEr through the friend's introduction, and we explained the situation: the original two years ago to buy a domestic piston air compressor, recently run very noisy voice, the efficiency is also very unstable, call the brand after-sales, delayed, you have to really hear GeLinKeEr side of different brands of air compressor are research, came to consult. After understanding things wrong, our team think though not GeLinKeEr we sell air compressor, but for every potential customer, we should not give up.

in energy saving after the test engineer arrived at the scene, GeLinKeEr level after bao engineer for customers patiently parsing, and strictly according to the requirements of customers, to the customer recommended GeLinKeEr permanent-magnet frequency conversion compressor. The air compressor's biggest feature is the ability to work in different times for the ups and downs of the reasonable, can save a lot of cost for our customers.

in later time rectified, GeLinKeEr because did not sell the products to customers, as a normal process in charge, bao engineers every month to the company for the newly installed machine for testing, after half a year's test, GeLinKeEr machine completely can be competent the needs of the company and energy saving, energy saving effect is higher than the original more than 40 percentage points.

if manufacturing is supported by such full corporate conscience, so manufacturing what we talk about things no? A person afraid is afraid not perseverance, so it is an enterprise, temporarily no profit is not terrible, afraid is indifferent to the customer, that is the most deadly.

the article source: GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor
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