Too many orders also should choose to xiamen oil free compressor production use?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
As an air compressor, for the user selection is often met in our problem. Melt-blown cloth mask production are fire recently, there are also many halfway decent person, don't understand melt-blown fabric production, also, you don't know how to choose the air compressor. Especially when order more but regardless, the general how to choose suitable for production of xiamen oil free compressor?

xiamen oil free compressor

why say without oil machine? Actually if it is in other industries may not require oil free compressor, but food industry do melt-blown cloth can choose xiamen oil free air compressor. This is the basic type of selection. Micro oil air compressor to produce product is oily, do not conform to the standards of production. Recently a melt-blown fabric fire, many factories are used the micro oil air compressor, but melt-blown fabric by return, losses. So oil-free air compressor is basic configuration of melt-blown fabric production, at the same time to choose suitable for the production of air compressor, also need to have a clear understanding of air compressor to supply equipment using stress, displacement and the use of capacity. Only basic confirm good basic parameters, we GeLinKeEr engineers can accurate selection for the user.

in fact, a lot of people make mistakes when in a hurry, when choosing xiamen oil free compressor users because no supplies would large air compressor production, this will be a waste. But can meet the production demand. If want to know about the food industry, melt-blown fabric for production please contact GeLinKeEr oil-free air compressor manufacturers.
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