Top GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor was invited to visit the United States

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Sorching summer, outside environment temperatures as high as 40 degrees or so, but also can't stop people longing for the love of learning together. GeLinKeEr compressor top leaders at the invitation of the United States department of compressor industry and local government, in August 2018 to American counterpart, the compressor, the compressor association, government departments, study, visit and so on.

wind in August, has less gentle, with silence and irritable, with pain and even the rain, but San Francisco in August and a little bit cold, cold in the morning and evening shuddered the pedestrians on the road. About the plane immediately felt a chill, the cool autumn wind she, goldwind. Involuntary add clothes. After the customs, the local peer companies sent someone to pick up, all the way to appreciate the roadside scenery, blink of an eye to the hotel.

this tour is the brother of a station in California government buildings, GeLinKeEr top line of people in the United States trade association leadership under the leadership of the people's government came to California in 10 o 'clock in the morning. A car was found powerful government buildings came into sight, after we come to the office after the police security. GeLinKeEr people visited the governor's office, the state of California exhibition hall, economic and trade representative's office and mechanical industry bureau office, at the same time some people has carried on the discussion with the government. Understand the California industrial layout, industrial development history and the future development plan and so on. At the same time welcome GeLinKeEr compressor to the United States investment in California. Good time is always short. After three hours of the visit, we have put an end to this trip.

in the next few days, a group of love learning GeLinKeEr people were paid a visit to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, Seattle, and so on related enterprise, every company, GeLinKeEr people do serious notes, learn the true through. After several clients to visit at the same time, also for the development of China's business to provide the latest GeLinKeEr compressor thinking and thinking direction. We believe that under the leadership of corporation, the company all my colleagues in China (heart under the cooperation of the chests, GeLinKeEr people will be able to write the next five years, over the next decade GeLinKeEr glorious history.

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