Use hazardous air compressor oil and gas separator are, how to deal with?

by:Atlas Greenair Screw Air Compressor     2021-01-29
Shaving oil free air compressor in this case, all with oil air compressor in the process of work, the compression of the air will inevitably exist some oil, the oil itself will be divided into different sizes of oil droplets, the oil and gas separator of air compressor in these oil droplets in the air separation process, also according to the size of the oil droplets, processing is difficult to distinguish, for example, larger droplets, oil and gas separator processing difficulty is not high, but like a little bit small oil droplets ( Here mainly refers to the oil droplets of diameter of less than 1 um) Isolated, more complicated, have to pass filter, then through the filter material to achieve diffusion.

it is important to note that such a use for a long time for the oil and gas separator filter as well as the system has certain harm, in addition to itself to filter the effect will be worse, due to the differential resistance is gradually increased, the exhaust pressure machine is also at the meeting, a significant rise in energy consumption, saving energy yields less and less. So for users, to learn the correct processing filter method, when the pressure is more than 1 million mpa, filter is the danger of congestion and trigger the alarm mechanism. Usually recommend in pressure is lower than 0. 1 million mpa, consider the timely replacement of filter. Don't to save a little money, but more cost down to the behind.

the maintenance of air compressor oil and gas separator of a point is to ensure that the machine's oil filter pressure difference at 0. Below 1000000 mpa, thus guarantee the quality of the filter material combats important, good filter material can save the spending of the enterprise, a power in the production of high quality compressed air equipment is always needed, each enterprises GeLinKeEr energy-saving air compressor in the process of the full set of production, our debugging each oil filter, oil content of the guarantee every machine factory efficiency is in good condition.

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